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Liquid Cleanse

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In today’s fast-paced world, we live in today, the overconsumption of processed foods and beverages can often leave our bodies burdened‌ with toxins and waste. This, in turn, makes it challenging to aspire for a healthy body and adopt a wellness-focused lifestyle. However, fear not! We have a perfect solution for you- an all-in-one remedy that will aid you in revitalising and cleansing your body. Introducing our alkaline and passion liquid cleanse, a truly effective and delicious choice to start down the path to wellness. 

Indulge in More than Just a Yummy Flavour

Our liquid cleanse is much more than just a delectable indulgence. It provides an immediate energy boost, detoxifies your body, and supports a well-functioning and healthy gut. By taking just small sips, get ready to savour the path towards a happier and more fulfilling life. Sip, Detox, Repeat!

A Bottle Packed with Numerous Essential Nutrients

Our alkaline and passion liquid cleanse is incredibly versatile, serving as both an effective cleanse and a fat-burning juice! Jam-packed with numerous vital nutrients such as vitamins A and C, iron, calcium, fibre, magnesium, and more, it strengthens your immune system, and boosts energy levels, thereby providing your body with the much-needed nourishment.

Balancing Both Weight and Diabetes

Our alkaline and passion liquid cleanse is an excellent choice for anyone with diabetes or those seeking healthy fat-burner juice options. The low glycaemic index of passion fruit prevents a spike in blood sugar levels. Additionally, the goodness of vitamin C from passion fruit combined with the improved metabolism from alkaline water helps in shedding those extra kilograms.

Ready for a Radiant Transformation?

Our carefully blended alkaline and passion liquid cleanses are the perfect gateway to fitness and health. Enjoy the fruity flavours along with the wholesomeness of alkaline water, passion fruits, and vitamin C, and become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself!

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    Lorraine Cave
    Heaven in a bottle

    Refreshing, glorious - could drink all day


    How do I get my juices?

    All of our orders come with cooler bags to maintain a cool temperature while in transit. We have two options; store pick up or delivery via courier.

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    Each day of juice cleanse includes seven glass bottles, so please note that they are quite heavy. If you’re going to pick them up from the store, we recommended having a car close by or asking a friend to help carry them. If you’re not sure you can manage, we can always deliver them to work or home.

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