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Why Going Vegan In Melbourne Is So Easy

Veganism used to have a bad reputation. But, what was once thought of as a mere diet fad has had a massive turn around over the past couple of years.


According to the marketing research done by Euromonitors International, Australia is the third fastest growing market in the world for vegan foods. They’ve stated that vegan-labeled food exploded from $135.9m in 2015 to $1.53m in 2016. And according to news.com.au most of Australia’s vegans can be found in Melbourne.


If you’re looking into starting vegan lifestyle, here are some major ways you can use being a Melbournian to your advantage:


  1. Plenty of vegan cafes and restaurants Melbourne wide


Whether you’ve decided to try veganism for the first time, or been vegan for a while, craving take out or wanting to indulge in decadent food is an unavoidable struggle. Luckily, there’s so many vegan cafes and restaurants that you can feast at without any guilt. Whether you’re after a new vegan brunch place or want to try out vegan desserts in Melbourne, you’ll be spoilt for choice.


  1. Enjoy veganism wherever you go


Dining out with non-vegan friends doesn’t have to be a huge hassle. Apart from the plethora of vegan food places scattered across Melbourne and surrounding suburbs, most restaurants also have vegan items in their menus. A lot of major food chains are even trying to incorporate more vegan dishes, like Hungry Jack’s recent announcement of releasing a vegan burger.


  1. Major and local supermarkets stock vegan-friendly products


Unlike other major cities, our groceries have a diverse range of foods. With the high demand for dietary alternatives, Woolworths and Coles continue to grow their vegan catalogue. There’s also groceries that specifically sell organic and vegan food.


  1. Be part of a wider community


Starting a new lifestyle can be difficult. Sometimes it’s hard to try out a new something when there isn’t anyone else there you can share the experience with. However, after being named one of the vegan capital cities in the world, you won’t feel so alone being a vegan in Melbourne.


When you’re in Melbourne you don’t need to worry about being picky about eating out. There’s always going to be a delicious vegan meal for you wherever you go. At Home Juice we provide a wide range of delicious vegan meals and healthy corporate catering for Melbourne locals.

Located in the Docklands, you’ll be able to enjoy our tasty treats guilt free. Come visit our renowned vegan and gluten-free cafe in Melbourne today. Or call us on 1300 464 729 to order any of our food for your next office function.

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I have been asking with no response what cleanses can be made vegan please

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