Why 3 Day Cleanse

Why 3 Day Cleanse

One of the most frequently asked question at HOME Juice Bar.

Cleansing in general is like getting into a new routine for your wellness goals. It is not any magic that instantly transforms your body but it is a long journey to train your body towards better lifestyle without removing nutrients intake from your daily diet.

Some of the main rules of HOME Juice 3 day Cleanses are:

  • Drink 5 X 375 ml of Juices + 1 X 375 ml of Alkaline Water + 1 X 375 ml of Almond Nut Mylk per day
  • All meals are to be consumed between 8am - 8pm (no later then that)
  • Drink lots of water & infusion/herbal teas, avoid caffeine completely.
  • No solid food. Trust the program, your body will have required nutrients in the form of fluid.
  • Eliminate Processed food, meat, dairy products and refined sugars at least 3 days before and after the cleanse
  • Daily low intensity activities along with Spa/Sauna to sweat out the toxins.

First day of 3 day Juice cleanse from HOME Juice Bar, is the most exciting day because you are motivated and have made a decision to do a cleanse and so your body is excited to taste all of the new flavours. There will be mild headache if you havens followed some guidelines and tips but thats normal. As long as your fluid intake is high and your body is hydrated. 

Second day of 3 day Juice cleanse from HOME Juice Bar, you will wake up earlier then planned and surprisingly not hungry (unless your mind is trying to convince you to go towards the pantry) but on this day, it is more of a mental battle than a physical changes as your body have experienced 

Third day of 3 day Juice cleanse from HOME Juice, you are eager enough to finish your day as soon as possible but thats when day goes a lot longer. And it should, you don't need to rush things. On this day, you will notice your energy level are on top of the roof and you are active then usual. If you have selected Weight loss cleanse - HOME Juice "Clean and Lean" Program then you will notice changes in your inches and your overall body weight. Some of the scientific outcomes of this cleanse would be improvement in blood pressure, drop in cholesterol levels, better health by fighting inflammation, keeping your insulin level below the par, improvement in functionality of your brain and lastly extending longevity.


For better and ongoing results we encourage 1) Advance level cleansing - 5 day Juice Cleanse from HOME Juice Bar 2) Frequent cleansing 3) Not going towards bad habits.

With Love and Gratitude,

HOME Juice


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