What is Cold-Pressed Juice? Why is it Better than other Types of Juices?

What is Cold-Pressed Juice? Why is it Better than other Types of Juices?

You definitely have heard the Cold Press juice, or you might have spotted Cold Pressed Juice in health food stores and juice bars.

Do you know What exactly cold pressed juice is? Why is cold pressing called another way of juicing? And why is it so much better than other types of juices? Here is your ultimate guide to Cold Pressed Juice.

What is Cold-Pressed Juice? 

Cold Pressed juice is made using a hydraulic press that extracts the juice from fruits and vegetables instead of utilizing techniques like a radiating juicer. As a result, cold pressed juicers are very effective in retaining nutrients, and the latest in-vogue way of juicing.

This process doesn’t produce heat, and the juice keeps more of the fresh ingredients’ nutrients intact, so you get essential vitamins and impetus in each bottle. Green juices are very oxygenating and give you glowing skin and bright eyes. It also cleanses & flushes out toxins, giving your body a jump-start to health.

Best Cold pressed juice is known for its health benefits. Therefore, cold Pressed juices caught the attention of health-conscious people looking to get their fruits and greens in a quick, drinkable form. 

Why Are Cold Pressed Juices Better from Others?

Many supermarket juices are made by outward squeezing that includes different edges and breaking down fruits and vegetables. Despite the fact that it's an exceptionally successful and well-known method for squeezing, the warmth made by the edges can make the plants oxidize, prompting a deficiency of supplements.

With cold-pressed juice, you’re getting fresh, healthy ingredients with the most nutritional benefit in each sip. Cold Pressing destroys bacteria on a fundamental level, conserves the taste and quality that heat and chemical pasteurization destroy. You don’t need to worry about bacteria, and your juice maintains freshness, taste, and quality.

Health Benefits of Cold Pressed Juice

Cold pressing gives the juicer super powers. It allows large amounts of veggies to be utilised sans fibre and chewing and means that the juice is super packed with nutrients and vitamins that go straight to your bloodstream for that instant blow of feel-goodness in the form of energy. 

Drinking a cold pressed juice is a simple and quick approach to ensure you are getting enough fruits and vegetables in your diet. Adding the best cold pressed juices to your diet is a surefire approach to improve your health and guarantee you're getting heaps of advantageous nutrients.

When making a cold pressed juice, fresh fruits and vegetables are set into a pneumatic (air chamber fueled) press that applies pressure to the produce to extract the most extreme measure of juice from the flesh and health benefits, including

  • Boosting immune system with Vitamin C
  • Anti-inflammatory 
  • Prompting Weight Loss
  • Improving skin imperfections
  • Lowering cholesterol
  • Defending against disease

Storing the ingredients also makes it expensive. The cold-pressed juices go through the cycle of high-pressure processing (or HPP). Each bottle of juices is made to glide in high-pressure water for around 80 seconds to restrict the growth of microbes. Also, When a product goes through HPP, it lasts for weeks, not for just days.

Easy to Digest

Cold-pressed juices aren’t only loaded with an array of nutrients, but they’re also easy to digest. Moreover, it is quick and easy to digest - providing a fast delivery of nourishing nutrients for our body to absorb. 

Bunch Of Nutrients

Cold Pressed juicing makes a refreshment that is stuffed to the edge with a wide platter of nutrients and minerals - assisting with supporting and feeding the body. It also supports your immune system, decreases inflammation, helps digestion, advances healthy hair, and builds energy.

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