Major Obstacles while Cleansing - How to overcome them?

Major Obstacles while Cleansing - How to overcome them?

Would you agree that its never a good feeling when you putting your body, mind and soul into a challenging mode. You tend to hate the process but absolutely love the outcome?

I suppose you might with nodding your head with a kinky smile by now.

Detoxing isn't always easy. As your body sloughs off toxins, it can produce a few side effects which many further demotivate you and your mind will tell you to give up 100 times in a day but training your mind along with your body is the key challenge here.

At HOME Pressed Juices, we specialise in nutritionally desired Organic, Plant based Cold Pressed Juice cleanse Programs which will benefit an individual in many ways depending on the cleanse they have chosen. In other words, you will feel over the moon when you finish as long as you can tackle the process and obstacles coming your way during the process.

Challenges are 1 day, 3 days, 5 days or custom Cleanse Programs  (as many days as you want to fast, we will be with you throughout the journey) - in other words, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level cleansing with HOME Pressed Juices


Well we have put together a list of some of the obstacles one would face while cleaning with HOME Pressed Juices  and how we should overcome them.

1) Headaches (very common when you put your body out of comfort zone; to overcome, drink plenty of water, rest, and put essential oils such as rose, jasmine, lavender or chamomile for calmness)

2) Constipation  (to overcome, consume a handful of flexseed or linseed soaked in water for couple of hours)

3) Hairy Tongue (to overcome, simply brush off your teeth and tongue and rinse your mouth with lemon juice twice a day)

4) Spots, Rashes & Pimples (it's a sign that toxins are leaving. To overcome, keep skin clean and apply natural lotion but donot supress)

5) Bad body Ordour and Breath (to overcome, skin brush regularly and shower twice a day and chew fresh parsley or mint for bad breath)

6) Craving Sweets (especially, when you have a sweet tooth, try to overcome by having green tea with lemon or simply brush off your teeth and tongue)

7) Motivation (to overcome, surround yourself with people who can support you & keep you positive and infact try to cleanse together with your partner and or family members)

If you agree to our thoughts and information we shared, you would by now believe in what we are and what we sell. So do not wait and Orders your next Organic, Vegan Cold Pressed Juices from HOME Pressed Juices now.

From our HOME straight to your home! 


with love and gratitude

Team at HOME


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