Before and After - Juice Cleanse Journey

Before and After - Juice Cleanse Journey

You will maximise the results of your HOME Juice Cleanse when you follow below basic guidelines.  

One to three days before and after your HOME Juice Cleanse journey, follow a simple diet of whole foods that are easy to digest and rich in supportive nutrients. 

Juice cleanse journey of one, three or five days is challenging but most difficult part is to prepare your body, pre-and post-juice cleanse and enhance the effects of the juice cleanse for smooth transition to your regular diet and lifestyle.

Simply by cutting heavy, creamy, fatty or rich elements from your diet will give start giving you results. Eliminate all the starchy breads and anything packaged or frozen. The rule of thumb is to eat and drink very cleanly. In a simple words, you do not eat foods and drinks that are hard to digest, that disturbs your balance and have strong tendency to irritate the digestive system. 

By doing above, it will train your body on freeing up energy and prepare for detoxing and healing. Juice cleanse is not a one off solution to fix your body for optimum results. It is an ongoing process and therefore we encourage to subscribe to our weekly, fortnightly or monthly HOME Juice Cleanse Programs - depending on your lifestyle and financial budget.

By following below steps you will definitely achieve better results:

- Eliminate anything containing preservatives, stabilisers, colourings, flavourings and other additives. Opt for Organic Veggies and Fruits where possible.

- Strongly advise is to remove Red meat, Pork  and deli meats with nitrates as it is good source of protein but extremely difficult to digest and contain a lot of enhancers and other not easy to digest nutrients such as Fat and Carbohydrates.

If you are meat eater, the you can Opt in for Organic chicken, turkey and cooked fish as it contain lean protein.

- Eliminate coffee, black tea and energy drinks. Even though it is extremely difficult for Melbournian to not have a coffee a day, for some warmer options, try green or some sort of herbal tea.

- Alcoholic Drinks are our biggest friend when we need happiness but a worst enemy when it comes to removing that from our system. Eliminate all alcoholic beverages including wine, beer, and spirits. Instead Drink lots of clean, flat water or even ALKALINE water from HOME JUICE as it contains high Ph value and are infused with superfoods such as goji, chia, spirulina etc. Start your morning with warm water and fresh lemon juice and you'll start feeling the difference in your day.

- when it comes to condiments, we all get carried away buying newest product from the supermarket but its not good in long-term. No ketchup, sauces and flavourings from bottles. Instead use spices, and fresh herbs for an extra kick in your healthy food.

- Avoid fried, greasy and oil laden lunch, dinner or snack. If you are in Melbourne CBD, you can try healthy plant based salad or hot curry and soup from HOME Juice and Salad Bar on Bourke Street or from sister brand HOME Vegan Bar on Collins street. 

General rule of thumb is cut down on proportion of oil going in cooking your meals and use Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and other nut oils for flavour on your salads.

- Dairy Products are tastier when eaten but extremely difficult to digest and for your system to process into energy. It takes a lot longer. So definitely no milk, cheese, yogurt or ice cream. Try plant based alternative like almond milk or coconut yogurt. 

At HOME Juice, we provide dinner alternative in the form of Cold pressed flavoured Almond Nut Mylk which has between 350-450 calories and extremely delicious. Some of the flavours are Vanilla Bliss, Chocolate Love, Unicorn Mylk and Coffee Mylk which has amazing ingredients such as dates, maple, vanilla bean, maca, mesquite, cinnamon, pink Himalayan salt, raw cacao etc.

- In extension of NO Dairy Products, eliminate Eggs entirely as it contains high cholesterol and have too much saturated fat which is again hard to digest.

- NO Wheat or related products - Not a crumb of wheat bread, bagels, pasta, crackers or cookies. We would strongly recommend to instead use Quinoa with plenty of fresh produce.

- Avoid Sugar and sugary treats and products. Choose a few pieces of ripe fresh fruits to satisfy your sweet tooth. Again next time your trip to Melbourne City, you need visit HOME Juice and Salad Bar on Bourke Street or our sister brand HOME Vegan Bar on Collins street and try our range of RAW desserts that doesn't contain sugar or any preservatives and items such as Protein Paleo Bliss Balls, Raw Caramel Slice and Cheesecakes are made with natural sweetness such as maple and dark agave and doesn't contain dairy or flour products, making then 100% Vegan and Gluten Free

- Lastly Avoid if not Eliminate peanuts and peanut butter as they can have a toxic effect. Instead substitute with Almond, Hazelnuts, Cashews, Coconut and Organic nut butters.

Note: Many people find nuts soaked in water for few hours as they are easier to digest.


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