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8 Surprising Benefits Of Juice Cleansing

Detoxing can give your body a much-needed kickstart. From removing excess toxins in your system to improving digestion, the central benefits of a detox is that it allows your body to revitalise its organs and improve physical performance, which are often bogged down by processed foods.


However, with the popularity of juice cleansing, it's easy to only learn about the general benefits. Here are 8 underrated perks of completing a juice cleanse program:


  1. Say Goodbye To A Bloated Tummy


It’s clear that weight loss is one of the most recognisable after-effects of juice cleansing. But one of the reasons why such a drastic difference is noticeable is because the cleanse reduces water retention. The juices you drink would have high levels of a range of vitamins, including potassium, which helps gets rid of sodium in your body. Typically sodium is one of the foremost causes of water retention, so without it, you’ll notice a flatter stomach after your cleanse.


  1. Gain Insight Into Your Unhealthy Eating Habits


During a proper juice cleanse, it is recommended that you avoid all solid foods. This means that you’ll learn all about your body’s cravings and prepare yourself to overcome them. Whether you notice you have a sweet tooth in the afternoon or find out that mornings are when you crave junk food the most, once you finish your cleanse you can plan for a long-term diet to get rid of these unhealthy habits.


  1. Gets Rid Of Body Odour


Balanced juice cleanses should have more than just fruit ingredients. There should be plenty of vegetables in your detoxing program too. This means you’ll be taking in a lot of leafy greens, which contain Chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the green pigment in plants and has a variety of health benefits like killing bacteria and helping wounds heal faster. However, Chlorophyll also has an interesting side effect that eliminates body odour.


  1. Gain Extra Hours Of Sleep


With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, sometimes our sleeping patterns can become quite haphazard. While the natural ingredients of a juice cleanse is busy sorting out your digestive system, it can also bring your regular sleeping cycle back on track. By going back to basics and removing toxins a juice cleanse will help you get back to a regular healthy sleeping pattern.


  1. Radiant Skin And Nails


Juice cleanses aren’t just great for your insides. When your body is being revitalised with vitamins and minerals, it affects you inside and out. Detoxing can help those who suffer from chronic skin conditions like acne as it removes the toxins that cause blemishes. The influx of vitamins also boosts the growth of new skin cells, helping reduce dark spots, giving you a stunning post-cleanse glow. And the power of the enzymes in your intake of fruits and vegetables strengthen your nails so you can feel and see the results of the detox.


  1. Heal internal cells


Apart from increasing new cell growth, a juice cleanse is also full of nutrients that improve the health of your current cells. Nourishing your cells with a juice cleanse comes with an abundance of physical attributes including helping your immune system be better prepared for fighting off bacteria to aiding the cure of diseases in your circulatory and digestive system.


  1. Reduce refine-sugar cravings


A lot of people worry about the strong cravings that can occur when on a cleanse. However, fruits and vegetables contain natural fructose that can taste just as sweet, without all the side-effects of refined sugar. Once your body adjusts to natural sweetness you’ll notice that your sweet tooth for sugar will shift from processed foods to whole fruits and vegetables.


Want to revitalise your body? Whether you want a quick boost or a thorough detox, we have a variety of 1, 3 and 5-day juice cleanses programs available. Order yours in-store at our flagship Docklands store or online today.














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