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7 Supercharged Ways To Use Almond Mylk

Almond mylk is a delicious and nutritious alternative to dairy milk. The dairy substitute is high in protein, fibre, vitamin E and minerals like zinc, iron and magnesium. Whether you use the nutrients-dense mylk for dietary requirements or as part of your healthy diet, here are 8 tasty ways to enjoy the nutrients of almond mylk:


  1. Fruity Acai Bowls


The colourful, layered goodness of acai bowls has the base of a milk alternative like coconut, soy or almond mylk. While any milk substitute works well with the acai bowl, almond mylk enhances the dish with its distinct nutty flavour and tastes delicious with fruits like berries and bananas.


  1. Chia Pudding


Just like acai bowls, chia puddings are a wholesome and guilt-free sweet treat that’s perfect for a breakfast on the go. One of the natural sweeteners in chia pudding is almond mylk, so you can indulge in the pudding knowing it’s not full of refined sugars.


  1. Flavoursome Nut Mylks


A refreshing glass of milk is a great way to survive the Summer heat. For those after a dairy-free option to get you through hot days almond mylk is available in a variety of flavours like classic Chocolate and Vanilla as well as exotic tastes like Matcha and Coffee.


  1. Fresh Smoothies


Healthy fruit smoothies are another way to beat the heat. However, regular smoothies are usually packed with refined sugars. The natural sweetness of almond mylk makes it a yummy alternative to dairy milk in cool, refreshing smoothies.


  1. Raw Bircher Muesli


Start the day with a revitalising raw bircher muesli bowl. Already packed with nourishing ingredients like seasonal fruits and nuts, the almond mylk in vegan bircher mueslis is an added something bonus.


  1. Home Made Porridge


Porridge is the perfect meal to cosy up to when the weather is cooler. If you’re looking for a dairy alternative for porridge, almond mylk is both healthy and delicious.


  1. Creamy Soups


A warm bowl of soup is a great way to start a meal, perfect for chilly nights or a simple lunch option. But a majority of soups are heavily dairy based. For those who want to enjoy a hearty soup, almond mylk is a popular alternative and recreates the wholesome, creamy taste.


Want to get your daily dose of protein, fibre and other essential vitamins and minerals? Try out our range of almond mylk products at our Docklands cafe. From vegan bircher muesli and acai bowls to Chocolate, Matcha and other flavoured nut mylks, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the health benefits of almond mylk with Home Juice.

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