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6 Wonderful Health Benefits Of Cacao

Cacao is a favourite healthy alternative for those missing their regular chocolate fix. The naturally sweet and unique flavour of raw cacao can satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. There are so many ways cacao is excellent for revitalising and energising your body including:


  1. Boost your brain power and relieve stress


Raw cacao is renowned for all its health benefits because of the variety of nutrients it has. One of the main minerals that can be found in cacao is magnesium. Magnesium is a powerhouse of a mineral that’s essential for energy production. Therefore cacao’s high amount of magnesium can increase brain activity, relaxes the nervous system and strengthens bones and teeth to help you tackle all your daily tasks.


  1. Pump up more blood and oxygen


A healthy body should always be able to circulate oxygen and blood within. Essential nutrients like Iron, potassium, copper, zinc, manganese and selenium can all be found in cacao. Renergise your physique with the help of raw cacao’s powerful compounds.


  1. Improve the health of your heart


Foods full of raw cacao can help keep your heart beating healthier and for longer through flavonoids. Flavonoids are linked to a variety of heart health benefits including lowering blood pressure, improving vascular function for those with congestive heart failure as well as creating more good cholesterol (HDL).


  1. Get the same good feeling from chocolate without the guilt


It's said that one of the main reasons everyone loves chocolate is due to the concentration of the compound phenylethylamine (PEA) found in the product. Raw cacao also contains PEA but without any unhealthy additives like milk, and is also very low in sugar, so you can treat yourself without having to call it a cheat meal.


  1. Take care of those pesky mood swings


Whether it's the stresses of everyday life that are getting in the way or your time of the month, a perfect way to improve your mood is with an extra dose of serotonin. Serotonin is a feel-good brain chemical can be triggered by cacao-rich products.


  1. See yourself glow


Are you feeling a little run down by your hair or dull nails? Cacao has a variety of properties like flavonals, fluorides and is also a great source of sulfur which all come together to improve the health of your hair, nails and even teeth.


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