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Alkaline Flow – Juice


5x Organic Cold-Pressed Juices 1 Almond Mylk 1 Healing Alkaline Water

  • KICKSTART / Green Miracle
  • BRUNCH / Black Medicine
  • LUNCH / Bloodylicious
  • BOOST / Coco Green
  • DINNER / My Melon
  • GOODNIGHT / Vanilla Bliss
  • WATER / Sublime

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Feeling sluggish and out of sync? Our bodies function at optimum levels when they are in an alkaline state, and studies have shown that certain diseases are unable to thrive in an alkaline environment.

When we are depriving our body of alkalising foods, we have to pull those important minerals from our bones, teeth and organs – compromising immune system, causing fatigue and making us vulnerable to disease.

The Home Juice Alkaline Cleanse has been specially designed to infuse your body with alkalising ingredients, so you can get the nutrients, minerals, vitamins and goodness your body craves.

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