Wellness Tonics


Extremely Alive Tonics are science-backed herb-based living wellness tonics brought to you by team behind Extremely Alive - Our most recent Collaboration.

Our mission is to supply you with the perfect Synergy of Eastern and Western medicine in the form of activated and living wellness shots.

We incorporate 1) ancient brewing techniques, 2) healthy organic herbs & teas and 3) cutting-edge gut biome research to create living medicinal probiotic tonics, powerful simple solutions for health.



Let our Extremely Alive Elixirs transport you to a place of cellular synchronicity and biological bliss.

If you want to feel invincible, become happy and horny, have microbial maids do your cellular housekeeping, or simply want to reboot your fun factory and turn your narrow neural pathways into cognitive superhighways, then we have the tonics for you!

Pair up with any of our Cleanse Programs or buy individual gift box to start healing your inner health!

Team behind HOME Pressed Juices and Extremely Alive Tonics are creating a culture of wellness.These products are literally alive and can keep generating goodness forever.

Together we are extremely excited about holistic living and thinking projects and products, and Extremely Alive tonics is their next vehicle for changing the world!