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Nicki’s Juicing Journey – What to expect from a 3 Day Cleanse

3 Day Juice Cleanse

It seems that juice lovers are uniting worldwide to enjoy their daily, weekly or monthly juices – whether they’re choosing to add a nutrient boost with a mixed juice pack for the week, or taking the plunge into detoxing their bodies with a juice cleanse.


Nicki works at Medibank in Docklands, and is a regular visitor to our Bourke Street juice Bar.  When she spoke to her trainer Joe Davis about how to kickstart her summer preparation training program, he suggested an organic juice cleanse step her training and nutrition up a gear.

We asked Nicki to give us a blow-by-blow of her experience with a 3 Day Home Juice Cleanse, in the hope that you can gain some insight into what to expect if you’re considering a juice cleanse for yourself. 


The kickstart preparation.


Nikki: I had always liked to think I look after my body – I eat well and exercise regularly. But when I acknowledged that what I was doing wasn’t getting me to my goals I immediately knew Joe was the person to ask for advice and support. We had a great chat about my routines and habits and Joe helped me think about some things I could change to help re-set and hopefully step things up a gear!


We talked a lot about juicing and Joe educated me about the health benefits that juicing can bring in helping detox and reenergize my body. When I came across the Home Juice website I was really impressed. The information was great and reading about the passion and values of Home was really encouraging. The fact that everything was organic just sealed the deal for me!


I sent Joe the details of the 3 Day Cleanse to ask for his opinion and he agreed it looked great…. so I ordered my first ever cleanse!


The juicing journey.


Before I started the cleanse, I guess I felt a mix of apprehension and excitement. My health and wellbeing were good, but I was looking forward to how I might feel after the cleanse.  The little cards I got with each day’s juice were really helpful, and I pretty much felt exactly as they said I would.


(Right – Nicki loved her Home bottles so much, she found another use for them!)


During the cleanse I felt absolutely fine.  I made sure I had some clear days to allow me to focus on myself and the cleanse. I kept up with some light exercise, doing an hours walk home from work a couple of days. In fact, the walking was really invigorating – I listened to my favourite music and felt fab! At home I relaxed and got in some early nights… it felt great! 


The verdict.


After the cleanse I felt fantastic!  I finished on a Wednesday night, the following morning I woke up before my alarm feeling refreshed and awake.  So I got up and went for a run before work! That’s how good I felt!  Lots of people asked me how I was feeling and I decided the word ‘brighter’ was the best description. It was like a mix of energy, clarity and freshness.


As well as the benefits to the mind I lost a couple of kilos and felt less bloated so overall great result!  Since I finished the cleanse I have continued to enjoy Home Juices as part of my routine and I’m planning my next cleanse soon.


About Joe Davis


“The fact is, you are with your body 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – this means that you are in prime position to prevent injury, pain and sickness from ever occurring – or to even cure the pain that you’re currently feeling.”


Based in Port Melbourne, Joe Davis specialises in combining remedial massage and personal training to deal with postural pain, recurrent or acute injury, arthritis and sports event preparation. If you’ve been suffering from pain or injury and are tired of being sent from one practitioner to the other, only to feel as though you’re getting nowhere fast…  Joe can help.


As a big fan of Home Juices himself, Joe has put together an incredible collection of benefits to enhance the juicing process, due to launch later this week.  Stay tuned for details!

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