The prime purpose of JUICE FASTING is -
  • Cleansing 
  • Rebuilding 
  • Rehydrating and
  • Alkalising
Juice Fasting is a special application of nutritional healing, which helps to eliminate inflammation from body and giving boost to reversal process. 

Juice Fasting helps reverse the toxemia and inflammation. 

Juice Fasting is a nutrient - dense, living, low glycemic diet of liquids and superior concentrates. 

When we give rest to our body from solid food, by only drinking freshly made juices, the energy that would have been used to convert the solid food into liquid is then redirected or rechannelled to the elimination cycle. 

Even though there will be no intake of solid food, there will be massive amounts of un-eliminated waste matter coming out through bowel. 

Once our colon, which is major channel of elimination, begins to free itself from it's toxic load, the every cell in our body will start dumping out it's accumulated waste matter into our system to be eliminated. 

This waste material coming out from all over the body, as a detoxification, must be shown EXIT door in a timely manner. 

Otherwise, you get a stock of unwanted toxins, leading to cleaning reactions and healing crisis, such as headaches, muscle or joint pain, skin eruptions, emotional imbalance fever and so on. 

Lymph, Blood, Skin, Liver, Kidney and Bowel are the organs playing major role in detoxifying. 
  • Dry Rubbing is a very effective method of cleansing. The skin is called third kidney because of it's ability to rid the body of toxic waste. 
  • Dry rubbing moves lymphatic fluid under the skin. 
  • That is why you are advised to do dry rubbing twice a day, especially on JF day
So please don't be stressed by such reactions from your body on Juice Fasting day.

Please follow the instructions carefully:
  • Don't work too hard (physically) 
  • Don't get stressed (mentally) 
  • Don't do heavy exercises 
  • Drink juices before you feel hungry
  • Keep yourself engaged in some light activities like listening to music or reading a book.

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