Today a new concept of JUICE FASTING is going to be told to you all based on the colours of the juices. 

All our food substances are coloured naturally.

Each colour is nothing but vibration of different frequencies.
Right "V.I.B.G.Y.O.R" is our electromagnetic spectrum of light.
Light is nothing but energy.

Each juice of a particular colour is nothing but energy vibrating at that specific frequency.

Now understand one more fact:

Everything in this universe or on the earth - mother nature and all its entities of every physical existence, whether it can be seen or not felt all physically existing things are nothing but energies vibrating at a particular frequency , having a particular energy level.

So as per this we all are energy bodies vibrating at a particular frequency.
Every organ every cell is vibrating at a particular frequency.

Whatever eaten or drunk are also energies. These energies are miscible with each other when consumed and effect our being .

Here is the connection of food and being healthy; healthiness and growing.

This great connection of colours of food and health was well understood and correlated and proven facts by great researchers like Dr. Gabriel Cousen , the father of juice feasting.

Read his book titled "Spiritual Nutrition " to understand a lot many facts.
Our body functioning is controlled by a system called CHAKRAS.
Each chakras control a set of organs with which it is connected.
Depending on the school of beliefs there are 7 or 11 major chakras , countable minor charas and many more micro chakras.

Each are governed by a particular colour for their activation and proper functioning.

This reflects in the healthy functioning at organ level and there by on the body. The disfunctioning of any organ reflects as DISEASES and DISORDERS.
Now understand these two words.

Disease - upon breaking the word "Dis" and "ease" ie when EASE is lost or when a system is taken away from its EASE, it is reflected as an uncomfortable condition.


When functional orderliness of a system is lost or disturbed then again is reflected as a disfunction Al system.

In both condition the HARMONY or the HOMEOSTATIC CONDITION is lost there by causing the so called Disesase or Disorder.

This condition is greatly affected by the COLOUR OF FOOD taken.
In juices these colours are greatly concentrated and are in large quantities , bench the connection between colour of juices and healthy being of chakras and there by the organs concerned.

The second aspect of colour therapy is also with the position of Sun in the horizon.
Sun being the active source of all these energies, it's relative position with every being varies every time and also affects activity.

So as per the time and position of sun various chakras get activated at different time of the day and thus requirement of colourful juices at that particular time changes.

It is a great theory and requires a lot of explanation and concept building.

I think this much is enough for all of you for developing a few conceptual facts.

From above, We have to have those coloured juices as per the requirement of the CHAKRAS.

Red to orange coloured juices in the morning up to 11 am; which activates the lower basic chakras.

Green coloured juices there after till 3:00pm; middle body chakras like thyroid , heart chakras.

White coloured in the evening hours; upper chakras adnya and sahastranam

Below is further Logic:

  • All vegetables and fruit ranging from yellow , orange ,red and purple go in for making red juice. 
  • All leafy greens and green coloured fruits and vegetables go in for green juice. 
  • All vegetables and fruits which are white in colour and / or have white internal pulp or are light yellowish go in for white juice. 

Now in this , many get confused the outer colour is green and inside is white , the juice is light green due to chlorophyll ; then where to incorporate it - white or green.

Answer: It can be incorporated in both.

  • Donot be rigid in outlook.
  • Be a little practical. 
  • Same logic applies for other combinations also. 

I hope you all have followed and the colour concept is well understood. 😊😊😊



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