Help your hangover with Alkaline Healing Water

Help your hangover with Alkaline Healing Water

Sure, we've all been there. A quiet night out with 'a drink or two' turns into ten or more and a shocker of a headache the next day.

While you may have enjoyed yourself that night, the next morning is a much different story. You wake up with a headache, upset stomach, joint pains and are incredibly tired.

Hangovers are miserable, but fortunately there is a way to help. Alkaline Water has been proven to work wonders for reducing the symptoms of hangovers, and you may not have to suffer nearly as much from a night on the town again.

There are five main factors to a hangover, and alkaline water can assist with all of them!

Dehydration, Toxicity, Acid pH balance, Free Radicals, Stress and Cortisol

1. Dehydration >

First of all, a major cause of hangovers is due to alcohol’s dehydrating effect on the body. A key way to help treat hangovers, is to rehydrate yourself as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Drinking water is a smart decision, but drinking alkaline water is an even smarter one.

Alkaline water consists of a smaller molecular cluster, and is able to pass through tissue more easily. This rapid transfer through the body makes alkaline water much more effective for hydrating the body and helping your hangover.

2. Toxicity >

Alkaline water is great for detoxing the body of harmful acidic waste after a long night of drinking. Flushing this waste will help you feel much better and recover more quickly.

The large dose of antioxidants in alkaline water helps flush the free radicals in the body that are creating that sluggish feeling after drinking.

Alkaline water creates a gentle yet powerful detoxification, cleansing at a deep cellular level.

3. Acid pH Balance >

Exposing your body to too much alcohol will greatly throw off your bodies pH level, leaving you feeling unhealthy and sick. Alkaline water will help balance this pH shift, and leave your body operating at maximum efficiency.

4. Free Radicals >

The consumption of alcohol results in the formation of two very toxic compounds, acetaldehyde and malondialdehyde.

These compounds generate massive free-radical damage to cells throughout the body, creating an effect in the body similar to that caused by radiation poisoning. No wonder you feel so sick the morning after!

Home Juice alkaline healing waters contain massive amounts of antioxidants, which can prevent much of the cellular damage caused by alcohol.  Try the Avatar water with spirulina (blue-green algae), which helps remove toxins from the blood, or the Liquid Passion which is rich in the naturally occurring antioxidant - Vitamin C. 

5. Stress and Cortisol >

Cortisol is a hormone which regulates fat, carbohydrate, and protein metabolism.  It also balances electrolytes, and functions as an anti-inflammatory.  During times of hangover, cortisol imbalances cause an increase in blood sugar levels leading to an increase in insulin production and abnormal stress on the pancreas and liver.  

Alkalised water helps to restore the balance in your body, lowering stress and cortisol levels and reducing the physiological effects of your hangover.  

Drink your way to feeling better!

Alkaline water can be a great tool for reducing the symptoms of a hangover. However, this amazing product will not completely shield your body from the damages of drinking in excess, so always drink responsibly.

If you have overindulged at the races (or anywhere!), reaching for some alkaline water may be the ticket to getting through the day!  




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