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What People Are Saying

Best thing I ever did!!! I’m having juices in the mornings and it carries me through to lunch. I eat good lunches but never had a morning routine as I’m so busy so just ate what was around so having juices keeps me on track. Mylks are great for arvo sugar cravings. Haven’t had sugar the whole last week (ie chocolate or ice cream after dinner etc). Your products are fantastic, and your service is beyond amazing - I'm so happy with your help and very excited to have a recurring order now.

- Anita K.
of Glen Waverley

I feel as though my system has been cleared out and restored. If I could use one word to describe how I feel after the cleanse, it would be ‘pure’. I feel like my body has finally had a chance to do what’s needed to be done for a long time and I’m ready to reap the rewards of my efforts.

- Joe Davis
Personal Trainer & Masseuse

After the cleanse I felt fantastic! I finished on a Wednesday night, the following morning I woke up before my alarm feeling refreshed and awake. So I got up and went for a run before work! That's how good I felt! Lots of people asked me how I was feeling and I decided the word ‘brighter’ was the best description. It was like a mix of energy, clarity and freshness.
As well as the benefits to the mind I lost a couple of kilos and felt less bloated so overall great result! Since I finished the cleanse I have continued to enjoy Home Juices as part of my routine and I'm planning my next cleanse soon.

- Nikki M