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Why Your Next Corporate Function Needs Healthy Food Catering

It’s time to reassess how you cater for an office event. Whether you’re organising a private or large scale corporate event, it can be easily falling into the trap of choosing cheap meals.


With the growing popularity of veganism and Melbourne’s versatile cuisine, it’s now even easier to hire vegan corporate catering. There are so many benefits you and your colleagues can enjoy when you treat them with healthy options. Here are 4 ways your company will thank you for when you introduce vegan meals to share in the office:


  1. No one has to miss out on delicious food


When your organising any kind of event, whether it’s an office party or a personal function, you should always try to keep in mind that some people will have dietary requirements. A common problem with big office events is people with specific food allergies miss out on the food. With vegan corporate catering everyone on your guest list can enjoy all the shared meals you’ve organised.


  1. Keep your team focused


Veganism focuses on all natural foods, which means your corporate guests will be getting the full health benefits of the catering menu or package you have ordered. Because everyone at your event will be fueled with empowering superfoods, you’ll be able to maintain a more motivated and energetic cohort after your party.


  1. Avoid the post-event slump


“Budget-friendly” catering can be tempting and entirely indulgent, but a downfall to this unhealthy option is the slump it creates. The highly processed sugars in popular catering foods will end up making your team feel fatigued and unmotivated afterwards, impacting the rest of the working day’s productivity.


  1. Everyone gets to indulge - guilt free!


Hate feeling guilty for all the bad food and drinks you had during an office party? With vegan corporate catering, you and your co-workers will get to eat as much as you want without having to worry about the calories. Even though your vegan options taste sweet and delicious, it only contains natural ingredients that your body can easily digest and reuse as fuel for later.


Are you organising an office party? If you need healthy vegan corporate catering soon, get in touch with Home Juice today. We have our amazing range of organic, gluten-friendly and vegan foods and drinks available for all your catering needs.


Call us now on 1300 464 729 or email lovetochat@homejuice.com.au to book our vegan catering services today.

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