Why Detox in Spring is Must - Do

Why Detox in Spring is Must - Do

Detox in Spring:

The Idea of Spring Cleansing is ancient!

For over 3000 years in most of Asia, the Balkans the Black Sea basin and the Caucasus have celebrated he Persian New Year, the first day of Spring, by cleaning everything from the curtains to the furniture

Traditionally, Chinese medicine and Ayurveda (worlds oldest holistic healing system) view spring as a time for renewal.

The body is coming out of hibernation mode and ready to shed some layers, literally. In Chinese medicine, spring is the season of the wood element, which is connected to the liver.

Almost all religions have a period of fasting that are considered spiritual cleanses.





With more than 5000 chemicals is circulating in the environment, we have to support this process with the food we eat, and sometimes with supplements, the liver pathways get jammed and toxins can bio-accumulate in the tissues and fat cells.

Overall this process can make us feel unwell and lead to excess accumulation of weight.

That is why at HOME Juice, we have designed a cleanse program to suit the needs of every individual from loosing weight, to improve quality of hair and nails to overall clearing internal organs from inside out.

We strongly believe that periodic liver support cleanses are essential for good health and Spring is a natural and the best time to clear away toxins (with a focus on the liver, your primary detoxifying, or cleansing, organ) so the body can reboot after long winter.

Because our bodies are naturally in sync with the seasons, foods that support the liver are plentiful at this time.

Some of the leafy veggies includes spinach, lettuce, snap peas, asparagus, Clery and brassica veggies such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and bitter greens such as Kale, chard leaves and dandelion greens.

To enhance your detox, supplement those with lemon water, spirulina, chlorella, garlic and green tea.


Greens Pack - HOME Juice


At Home Juice, we have introduced various packs to cater for the individuals who are very motivated to fast or cleanse their body but haven't done it so far and therefore by signing up to 1 day express cleanse from HOME Juice Bar or even getting either of below packs delivered at your doorstep will train you towards cleansing for number of days to get to your desired results.

- healing pack

- greens pack

- immune booster pack

- essential pack

- alkaline water pack

- almond nut mylk pack

- celery juice pack


for more information please visit www.homejuice.com.au and get to order now section to view the various selection.


With Love and Gratitude

Team at HOME


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