Tips to Detox at HOME in Spring

Tips to Detox at HOME in Spring

As explained in one of our previous blogs, Spring is scientifically and practically the best time to DETOX or in other words Cleanse your body, mind and soul. And below are some of the amazing tips which will assist you in detoxification at your home in your own convenience.


Tip 1: 

Being your day with warm water and lemon juice.

For more effective results, you can also add flaxseeds soaked overnight

Tip 2: 

Try Dry skin Brushing

Before Shower, always brush your skin from your toe to your head going upwards. Be gentle and brush in small circles. This will allow the blood circulation in your body to be moving around smoothly

Tip 3:

Simplify your diet

Few basic DONT'S :

- no alcohol

- no dairy or dairy products such as Milk, eggs, cheese

- no caffeine (as it brings immense acid in your body)

- no Sugar (especially refined sugar) as it constantly spikes insulin level

- no packaged or processed foods (even if you get for free from supermarket, avoid this options and try to preplan your schedule)

Tip 4:

Practice Deep breathing and meditation (we understand its not for everyone and its hard but practice makes an individual perfect. so start with somewhere)

Tip 5:

Clear your Diary (meaning clean your mind and soul simultaneously along with your body as it is equally important)

Tip 6:

Introduce regular exercise (go for a quick walk around the block or do some stretches or even yoga at home is very effective. Idea is to increase your bpm to over 100 for at least 15-20 mins per day)

Tip 7:

Increase your consumption intake of Superfoods, Green vegetables and if you are very busy with your work or other commitment, simply throw them into a blender and have it in a liquid form. In this way, your body is getting filled with immense power pack of nutrients.


Or alternatively you can order either a individual Organic, cold pressed juices of your choice or from our suggested daily essential pack from HOME Juice Bar delivered cold in an insulated bag at your doorstep.


Stay Healthy and Stay Fit


With Love and Gratitude

Team at HOME

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