Is this your First Juice Cleanse? - Tips on How to Survive

Is this your First Juice Cleanse? - Tips on How to Survive

First of all Big Congratulations on taking the plunge and deciding to venture into your very first Juice Cleanse or Juice Fasting? 

It is definitely a greatest move towards Health and Wellbeing.

More than any other part of your body, we are sure, that your head is spinning with lots of questions, curiosity and concerns on best ways to prepare your body, mind and soul for this challenge, but do not worry, we've got you covered and we are here to support you on your journey. Simply dial 1300464729 (1300 Goh RAW) or email for a prompt response.


Firstly, it is extremely important to understand WHAT is the objective that you are trying to achieve out of this activity. For example: weight loss, skin, nail and hair improvement, refreshing your body, removal of toxins, cleaning your internal organs from inside out etc. 

Secondly, which journey is suitable to you. At HOME Juice, we have Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels which is 1 day (express cleanse) and 3 or 5 day (Advanced cleanse)

Rule of thumb is longer there journey better the results. So most popular program will be 3 day Cleanse from HOME Juice Bar.

Lastly, when do you want to begin this Cleanse. We strongly recommend to always allow 2-3 days to follow below tips and then get onto Cleanse journey for better results and outcome post cleanse.

Below are our 5 Recommended Tips to make this experience a positive and enjoyable experience. You need to love the journey and it will connect well with the results.

We believe all task that are undertaken should be done with all of your heart and soul into it as it spiritually assist you in strengthening your mind and training to your thought process in putting together discipline.

1) Completely eliminate meat, dairy and processed foods out of your diet few days before the cleanse.

Going through a Juice Cleanse journey from HOME Juice bar, it is somewhat shock to your system. If you do not do this then chances are that on Day 1 of HOME Juice Cleanse Program, you will have unpleasant symptoms like headaches, moodiness, and irritability.

These symptoms tend to be worse if you don’t properly prepare your body ahead of time. We highly recommend cutting out meat, dairy, gluten, refined sugars and processed foods 2-3 days ahead of time to help your body ease into the cleanse. Just think of it as an added detox time!

2) Be KIND 

It is very important to be kind to yourself and listening to your body. The process of detoxing can be a bit of a challenge.

Therefore, Yes, a little moodiness and mild headaches are normal but if you’re experiencing extreme fatigue or illness, listen to your body.

If you do need a small break from the cleanse feel free to eat greens, and avocado or warm HOME made soups. It could be just what you need to perk back up.


The best time to do a HOME JUICE cleanse is at the start of the week like Monday or Tuesday. Couple of reasons behind this is you have entire weekend to plan your next week right and when you are working, your day goes quick and you are less distracted and therefore days goes quicker and as planned.

Take a look at your schedule and plan accordingly. Try not to throw yourself into a cleanse over the holidays or during a time when happy hours, weddings or other festivities are going to take place. It will give you results but those would be very short term and not long term

4) Take it Extremely SLOW

During the HOME Juice Cleanse journey, it is important that you don't sit on the couch in-front of Netflix and expect results to come but on the other hand, you don't go hard out as your daily calories intake have halved and therefore you should not burn extra calories or use excess energy. Therefore it is a balancing activity and you need to go for mild exercises (including yoga and pilates) or a small walk around the neighbourhood to combat any fatigue. 

Aim of the game here is to get the blood moving but be mindful of your body.

5) Go for a Treat

We mean a treat to a Spa or even getting tanned in Sun. Relaxing at a Spa or Sauna comes with major detox benefits as it help further remove the toxins from your body that your cleanse is already working on.

Overall, we wish you the best and we hope you have an awesome experience with HOME Juice Cleanse Program and get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

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