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How to Make Cold-Pressed Juice

There is some debate on how to make cold-pressed juice. Real cold-pressed juice is made using a two-step process: chopping the produce with a grinder, then pressing slowly using thousands of pounds of force while its wrapped in a filter bag.

You may be most familiar with this method from equipment like the Goodnature X1 or the Norwalk juicer, but this method actually dates back to 6000 BC when people in Israel would use a large stone as an olive crusher to grind the olives,  and a rack-and-cloth press to extract the juice and oil.

An early olive oil press
An ancient olive oil press, early cold-press technology. Source:



  1. Prepare the fruit by washing it using your preferred method.
  2. If the fruit is too large to fit into the 4.3 inch wide opening of the Herbivore Grinder®, you will need to cut it down to size. For example, you will need to cut a pineapple into quarters.
  3. Grind the fruit and vegetable and let it fall into the press bag. This bag acts as a filter, and will keep skins, seeds, and pulp out of your juice, improving the taste and shelf life of the juice.
  4. If you are making a single juice (less than twenty ounces), you can use the “Single” speed button which is a ninety-second press. If you are making a larger batch of juice (up to sixty ounces in a single press) you can use the “Batch” speed which takes about four minutes.
  5. The press will slowly apply pressure onto the fruit and vegetable pulp, extracting delicious, nutritious, and beautiful cold-pressed juice. Once the press is finished, you can refrigerate the juice for up to 3-5 days, or pour and serve immediately.
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