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Common Myths About Going Gluten-Free

With more and more people adjusting to their gluten intolerance and veganism growing in popularity going gluten-free has never been easier. But there’s still plenty of misconceptions about what used to be considered a fad diet. Gluten intolerance is actually a very common health issue. Here’s are some myths about ditching gluten in your daily diet:


Myth: Wheat-free means gluten-free


Because gluten is in some wheat-based products like bread and wraps, it’s often mistaken for just being found in grains. However, there are so many other gluten items like barley, rye, couscous and spelt, which are commonly used in wheat-free food. While the ‘wheat-free’ label is great for those suffering from wheat allergies, make sure you read the label carefully for hidden gluten-based products.


Myth: All products without gluten are healthy


The after effects of eating unhealthy food like weight gain and fatigue aren’t solely due to our lack of control. There are certain additives in all junk products that keep us coming back for more. For example, refined sugar is a massive influencer over our compulsion to keep eating bad food. That’s why sugar-free diets are becoming more and more popular. However, the logic that when you cut out something instantly makes your overall diet better is wrong. Gluten-free products don’t mean it’s sugar, additive or preservative free. For a well-balanced, healthy diet the best way to go about it is to focus on whole foods instead.


Myth: There’s a massive taste difference


Our favourite unhealthy foods all have one thing in common: their taste is addictive. We always go back to our junk food, and because we have it so often, we get used to the flavour. When gluten-free products were scarce, a lot of the wheat-based foods like bread and cereals had a distinct taste that often made them taste bland or like cardboard. But now with so many new, innovative recipes, you can hardly tell the difference.


At Home Juice we have a huge selection of gluten-free food options. From our delicious raw desserts, breakfast bars, protein balls and more, you’ll be able to treat yourself to your favourite foods despite your gluten intolerances.


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