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5 Detox Tips To Get You Through Your Cleanse

Starting a detox plan is daunting. Whether you’re training for a sporting event or trying to get back into shape, it’s hard to let go of a lot of our food comforts.


Detoxing through a juice cleanse is an intensive way to reboot your body. Over time all the junk food and drinking can take its toll on our immune systems and mental health. To get back into optimal physical and mental shape juice cleanses are becoming immensely popular option.


A juice cleanse realigns our internal systems with the correct foods, essential vitamins and minerals it’s been missing out on.


Some cleanse programs last only a day, some a week or even longer. It’s normal to feel unmotivated to keep a cleanse going, especially when your food cravings are strong. Here are 5 tips to power you through your cleanse for a better you:


  1. Cleanse with a friend


It can be tough going through a cleanse when you see everyone going through their day with all the food you’ve been craving. Having a like-minded cleanse buddy will help you feel less overwhelmed about cleansing. You two can keep each other motivated and accountable throughout your cleanse journey.


  1. Stay active


During the low periods of any juice cleanse it can be hard to consider exercising. In fact, your stamina will likely be lower than normal as the juice cleanse repairs your body. However, light exercise can help increase the effectiveness of your cleanse. Easy activities like brisk walking and yoga will help move toxins out of your systems.


  1. Treat yourself


During a juice cleanse you may feel like you’re not able to destress the way you’re used to with food. But there are other ways to relax. Treating yourself to a nice long bath or a remedial massage is a great way to pamper the stress away. Let yourself enjoy other things like a simple walk or a foot scrub so your mind can be put at ease while you cleanse your system.


  1. Get enough rest


As a juice cleanse does its job of eliminating waste, your body may start feeling a little fatigued. It’s common in the starting phase of any cleanse to feel tired and sleepy. For those having multi-day cleanses allow your body to get proper rest in the initial stages. Even an extra hour’s worth of sleep will help you feel more energised the next day.


  1. Get your dose of Vitamin D


If you’ve planned your cleanse over a long weekend or a holiday period it can be easy to lock yourself away. But without your daily dose of direct sunlight you may find yourself feeling sluggish and groggy. Sunlight not only boosts your immune system but also triggers your body to produce antimicrobials that kill off viruses, bad bacteria, fungi and parasites. Even a quick 15-minute walk will be enough Vitamin D to help you stay motivated during your cleanse.


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