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4 Tips That Will Get Your Fussy Eater to Try More Vegan Food

Are you planning to start eating more plant-based food as a family? Eating vegan food is not only an amazing way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and protect your planet; but also, a method to incorporate morals of compassion and kindness for animals in your child.

It is normal for you, parents, to be concerned about their child’s diet and eating practices especially when you are not familiar with the vegan food, the brands and their nutrition values. Many children might have cats and dogs as pets and might not want to eat meat after getting to know about the animal cruelty in the meat industry. But this will not happen overnight and you cannot expect your child to develop an immediate empathy towards vegan food.

Therefore, here are a few tips that will help your picky-eater eat more vegan food that too with minimal fuss.

● Make the Food Look Exciting

Meal times can sometimes be a little too dull for your kid. Therefore, try adding fun to it by feeding them colourful and bright veggies and juices, they will be more than excited to give it a try.

● Start Offering them Salads Early

Once your kid has enough teeth to manage chewing leafy vegetables, begin to offer salads with meals. Children develop a palate for different foods during the early two years. Thus, the longer you wait the longer it is going to be a challenge for you.

Also, try simple vegetables like shredded lettuce and crunchy veggies like carrots and broccoli so that it is easier for you to feed them.

● Add Fruits to Your Salads

Most kids are fruit lovers! Then, why don’t you consider adding fruits to your salads? Choose salads that have blackberries and strawberries added to spinach, grapefruit added to chard, kale, etc. These days, there are a variety of packed salads in the market that can add colour and flavour to your child’s meal.

● Keep Dressings on the Side

This is one thing that your child might love more than the salads. Dressings allow your kid to dip his/her veggies into it and this method gets them to enjoy salads and other vegetables. Try out multiple dips which will allow your kid to explore multiple flavours.

So, when you are in Melbourne and busy with your hectic work schedule, you don’t have to worry about feeding your picky eater. At Home Juice, we can provide you with an amazing range of delicious vegan meals and salads that can make your child fall in love healthy and vegan salads. Visit our gluten-free, vegan café today or call us on 1300 464 729. You can also send us your inquiries at

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